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Friday 21 January 2011 by Sarah Smith

Kinetic Dance Company was formed in January 2008 as a stepping stone for talented young dancers based in the Borough of Barnet who would like a career in dance. The vision of the company is to provide young dancers with professional training and performance opportunities to help them prepare for a life in dance while at the same time producing dynamic work that will appeal to a wide audience.

The company’s goal is to appeal especially to other young dancers by creating challenging and complicated work that will inspire and challenge a young audience. The dancers in the company have to audition and are carefully selected for their ability and creativity as they are an active and integral part of the company’s choreographic process.

Since its formation, Kinetic Dance has produced several pieces and has performed extensively throughout London. The company is made up of 6 dancers aged 16-20 all based in Barnet and studying dance and performing arts at various secondary schools and colleges. Since its formation, Kinetic Dance Company has performed as part of Rumble 2009, Islington Cycle Day 2009, London Youth Dance Day 2009, U.Dance 2010, Jam Free Tour 2010, a local schools’ Art Festival and as well as several of the company’s own shows at The Bull Arts Centre.

Kinetic Dance Company Photo: Belinda Lawley
Best toy ever in the world?
Danielle: PS3 Definetely!
Celina: Hmmmmmm…..Barbie!
Oliver: Remote control helicopter
Cecilia: Gameboy Advance

Travel by car, train or plane?
Max: Hovercraft
Danielle: Plane
Celina: Helicopter
Oliver: Plane
Cecilia: Train

Favourite TV advert of all time?
Max: The T-Mobile one where they’re singing in the airport *Danielle:*The ones with dancing…obviously.
Oliver: Harvey the Dog
Cecilia: Coca-Cola Christmas ones

Kinetic Dance Company Photo: Belinda Lawley
One magic wish: what would it be??
Max: Take away poverty and famine
Danielle: To be a shape shifter
Celina: No more evil in the world
Oliver: To be able to fly or make people quiver when you touch them. That would be magic!
Cecilia: Never ending stamina!

I wish they did a GCSE in…?
Max: A gcse in blagging!
Danielle: Eating
Oliver: Skiving!
Cecilia: Cooking

Funny dance memory??
In our first season together, we were rehearsing for our upcoming show and Oliver decided for some reason (to this day we are not sure why!) to sit in the bin. Literally, sit in the bin, with his bottom hanging in it and his arms and legs hanging out. This proved to be a treacherous mistake because he got himself good and stuck. So there he was stuck in the bin and naturally none of us would help him because it was his own fault and let’s face it, seeing someone stuck in the bin is hilarious. He eventually freed himself but managed to get ‘bin juice’ all over himself. The best part is he was mad at us because he had bin juice on him……as if it was our fault! ! Even now it makes us laugh hysterically when we think of it.

Best venue you’ve performed in so far?
Max: The Rose Theatre, Kingston
Danielle: Sadler’s Wells
Celina: Lillian Baylis Studio
Oliver: Sadler’s Wells
Cecilia: The Peacock Theatre

Dancer or dance company you’d most like to perform live on stage with?
Danielle: Random
Celina: Bonachela or Hofesh
Oliver: Jasmin Vardomin
Cecilia: Carlos Acosta

Dance is…
Danielle: Expression
Oliver: My life
Celina: Part of everyday life
Cecilia: Tiring

Group motto…

What’s next for Kinetic?
Kinetic Dance Company is performing as part of ReFresh! at The Place on 19 February 2011. They are very excited about this performance as it is a joint venture between Sadler’s Wells and The Place.

It has given us an opportunity to perform at The Place and be supported by the two leading contemporary dance venues in the world. There are six companies involved in ReFresh and each company was given music from a leading choreographer to use. Our music was choosen by Kate Prince of ZooNation. It has been a real challenge but in many ways we feel that this piece is some of our best work. After ReFresh we hope to produce our show featuring repertoire from the past 3 years.

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