Zinzi Minott - What Kind of Slave Would I Be?

at Rich Mix
on Dance Theatre | Contemporary | Physical Theatre | Talks | www.richmix.org.uk
Address: 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA


Whist walking through an exhibition of Tudor portraits Zinzi Minott took the invitation from the exhibition to think back and historicize herself – and she imagined a slave. Running through sugar cane, chopping in the burning sun, killing the master, being raped by the master, jumping ship and being sold up the river. There was no two ways about it, her grandparents landing here as part of the Windrush generation guaranteed – she’d be a slave. Realising having to a think that far back is to have ask What Kind of Slave Would I be? It is to WKOSWIB.

Throughout her research as Artist-in-residence at British Library within the archives Minott has pondered this question, and this body of work is the result thus far. To ask ‘What kind of slave would I be?’ is to ask who would they have been – to turn slaves into people, politicise the act of remembering. It is an act of temporal trickery. It is an act of memory. It is a sign of temporal respect. What Kind of Slave Would I Be is a piece of time travel, death, body as machine, base-line and sci- fi. Afro-Futurism invites us to imagine new futures for ourselves – this piece is an invitation to look back and fantasise when we realise we cannot.

WKOSWIB? is a time travelling dance piece, framed by sound from Nkisi, images from Rohan Aiyinde and film from Minott herself. WKOSWIB? will be a kick-ass physical interrogation into a heavy topic, expect to be challenged, and moved. Expect a sensory bath into the archives and a fresh look into how dance and history can sit side by side. Expect bass-line, shiny things, tradition reloaded and modernity on stage and a Q&A post show with Artist.

Performance: Saturday 22 APRIL
Rich Mix,
35-47 Bethnal Green Road,
E1 6LA.
Box Office: 020 7613 7498
Website: www.richmix.org.uk

Workshops + Panel: Sunday 23 APRIL: Whether you are a dance pro or an archivist interested in performance, the two workshops present an opportunity to get involved in Minott’s process’s for creating the work. Book here.

About Zinzi MinottDancer/Artistic Director
Zinzi Minott is a dancer, she’s usually pondering the relationship between dance and politics and the place that dance holds within Black communities. She is interested in where dance has been used as resistance and survival. She is obsessive about repetition duration and exhaustion, and fragments of these can often be seen in her work. She currently lives in her hometown London-Brixton.

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