Second Hand Dance - Getting Dressed

at Stratford Circus
on Dance Theatre | Children`s Show |
Address: Theatre Square, London E15 1BX


Have you ever put your coat on the wrong-way? Or couldn’t find the right arm holes in your trousers? Or had a day where you just didn’t want to wear clothes?

Dive into a world of colour, texture and movement, be as creative as you can with the clothes you wear, and dare to get dressed just a little bit differently.

Climb a mountain of clothes, plunge into piles of pants or swing in swathes of skirts. Whether they’re big or small, scratchy or soft, ordinary or extraordinary – one thing is for sure – clothes and getting dressed will never be the same again.

A thought-provoking, energetic and vibrant visual dance performance.

Guidance: 4+ years

Stratford Circus Arts Centre
Theatre Square
E15 1BX
Box Office: 020 8279 1080

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