Perpetual Movements - Pina Bausch on Screen

at Barbican Centre
on Film / Video |
Address: Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS

Pina 3D. Part of Perpetual Movements - Pina Bausch on Screen season at the Barbican June 2012

Complementing the World Cities 2012 Season in the Barbican Theatre, the Barbican present a series of films celebrating the work of legendary choreographer, Pina Bausch.
Perpetual Movements – Pina Bausch on Screen

Dancing Dreams (PG*)
9 June, 3pm
Cinema 1
Following a group of teenagers working under Bausch, from their first rehearsals through to opening night of Kontakthof, Dancing Dreams presents a rare opportunity to observe the work of one of our greatest choreographers.
Germany 2010 Dirs Rainer Hoffmann & Anne Linsel 92 min
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On Tour With Pina Bausch (PG*) & Green Table (PG*)
9 June, 5pm
Cinema 1
On Tour with Pina Bausch
Chantal Akerman followed Bausch and her company of dancers, the Tanzteater Wuppertal, for five weeks while they were on tour in Germany, Italy, and France. Her objective was to capture Bausch’s unparalleled art not only on stage but behind the scenes.
France/Belgium Dir Chantal Akerman 57 min
The Green Table
In this BBC studio performance of The Green Table, we are given the rare opportunity to see Bausch as the dancer performing the work of Kurt Jooss, whose own groundbreaking style and technique was to have a significant influence on her later work as a theatre maker.
UK 1967 Dir Peter Wright 35 min
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The Plaint of the Empress (PG*)
16 June, 3pm
Cinema 1
Bausch’s first film presents a framework which is set by the changing seasons. The film illustrates the method Bausch has developed with the Tanztheater Wuppertal, in which the work tells no story but is made up of scenes put together like a collage, reflecting certain moods and invoking different associations.
France/UK 1989 Dir Pina Bausch 95 min
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A Primer for Pina & Pina Bausch (PG*)
16 June, 5pm
Cinema 1
Primer for Pina
Presented by famed author and political activist Susan Sontag, A Primer for Pina takes a fascinating look at the work of the legendary choreographer. Essential for any dance enthusiast.
UK 1984 Dir Jolyon Wimhurest 30 min
Pina Bausch
Before choreographer Pina Bausch and her Tanztheater were known around the world, her new and unusual body language was ill-received, with the majority of her audiences and critics becoming irritated and confused. In this film, she speaks about the initial reactions, whilst some of her dancers, set designer Peter Pabst and costume designer Marion Cito, discuss working under her visionary genius.
Germany 2006 Dir Anne Linsel 44 min
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Pina 3D (U)
17 June, 3pm
Cinema 1
Shortly before her death in 2009, Pina Bausch began collaborating with acclaimed director Wim Wenders (Wings of Desire) on this unique documentary project, experimenting with new film technology to capture the process of dance on film and creating a benchmark for 3D cinema.
A breathtaking experience which underlines Bausch’s status as one of the most significant choreographers of our time.
Germany 2011 Dir Wim Wenders 100 min
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