Marc Brew Company - Brewband - Lilian Baylis Studio

at Lilian Baylis Studio
on Dance Theatre |
Address: Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 4TN


Join Marc Brew Company for BREWBANDScotland’s new super band that blurs boundaries and challenges people’s perceptions of identity.

Created by award winning disabled choreographer Marc Brew this inclusive music and dance performance brings together top Scottish rock artists Graeme Smillie, Jill O’Sullivan and Peter Kelly with talented dancer/musicians Martyn Garside, Marta Masiero and Alice Sheppard.

The evening will meld rock music with Marc Brew’s distinctive choreography, to create an exciting evening, as much a music gig as a dance performance.

25 April
£17 (£8.50 concessions)

Lilian Baylis Studio,
Sadler’s Wells,
Rosebery Avenue,
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7863 8000

Creative Team:
Marc Brew – Choreographer and Dancer
Joe Hornsby – Lighting Designer
Graeme Smillie – Bass Guitar
Peter Kelly – Drummer
Jill O’Sullivan – Musician
Martyn Garside – Dancer
Marta Masiero – Dancer
Alice Sheppard – Dancer
Lesley Hepburn – Costume Designer
Jools Walls – Production Manager

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