Hannah Buckley/Lea Tirabasso - S/He and Toys

at The Place Theatre
on Dance Theatre | Contemporary | www.theplace.org.uk
Address: 17 Dukes Road, London WC1H 9PY

Photo: http://www.hannah-buckley.com/#/she/


S/HE is a dance performance. A duet between a man and woman. It is a reflection on the questions ‘do men need feminism?’ and ‘does feminism need men?’ Influenced by real stories, science fiction and menstruation, S/HE uses movement and text to question gender constructs in western society. Rather than providing answers S/HE wants to give audiences space to imagine new possibilities for coexisting.


TOYS is the wild pursuit of pleasure to trick the passing of time, it is the disguise of human tragedy as a constant celebration, the morning after the hangover, the oblivion.

“Very anchored in our time (…) Léa Tirabasso shows on stage a certain golden youth that can afford the luxury of boredom. Nevertheless here, the varnish flakes and the behaviours quickly turn into trash (…) Bloodcurdling.” Florence Becanne, Le JeudiLU

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