Francois Testory & Simon Vincenzi, Empire

at The Place Theatre
on Talks | Dance Theatre |
Address: 17 Dukes Road, London WC1H 9PY

Francois Testory 'Empire' Photo: Manuel Vason

A shadowy figure trapped indefinitely in a space he calls his Empire attempts every night to realise the cabaret show he has always dreamt of performing.

François Testory confronts the difficulties, fears and pleasures of creation, casting a spotlight on the nature of the performer and performance.

Testory delivers a performance combining a subtle physicality with a wide vocal range that takes on Edith Piaf torch songs and Iggy Pop classics. Ian Hill’s accordion accompaniments add a suitably sultry atmosphere and Simon Vincenzi has directed the work.

Post-Show Talk
Post-show Q&A with Martin Hargreaves

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