Martha Graham Study Day


London at Oxford House, Bethnal Green

Organised by Language of Dance Centre

Cost: £75 (concessions available)

This primarily practical open level study day will consider the style and work of Martha Graham. Language of Dance will be used to analyse Graham’s work and aid in the creation of Graham-inspired choreography.

The course will be particularly beneficial to A level, GCSE and BTEC dance teachers, and it will include the following:

• A Graham-based technique class including: consideration of characteristics such as the use of breath, contraction/release, spirals, opening of the leg, long stretch, pleadings, plies, brushes, knee vibrations and spiral turns
• Summary of characteristics of the technique
• Graham’s background and works
• Warm-up and creative tasks
• Resources
• Discussion/questions

You can find more details on the Language of Dance website and the course booking form at

Arianna Carloni
tel: 02077491131

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