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Siobhan Davies Dance has a number of resources available; from workshops and classes, to DVDs and written resources, they are all designed to support the delivery of dance education. These resources can be purchased or downloaded from their website or direct from the company.

Wyoming DVD (1988)
Film version directed by Peter Mumford as a Dance-Lines production for Channel 4. This full length recording features the original cast.

White Man Sleeps DVD (1988)
This footage of White Man Sleeps is taken from the original broadcast made for Channel Four’s Dance on Four series, part one of a two part Dance-Lines production. Part two contains Wyoming, which can also be purchased from our website

Plants & Ghosts DVD (2002)
Introductory interview with choreographer Siobhan Davies followed by full length work

Bird Song DVD (2004)
Full length version performed in the round

Bird Song Proscenium Arch Version DVD (2005)
A useful comparison against the GCSE set work version. Please note that this is not the GCSE set work version.

In Plain Clothes DVD (2006)
Filmed by Deborah May in the newly opened Siobhan Davies Studios, the In Plain Clothes DVD includes a short promotional film, followed by the full work

The Collection Box Set (2009)
The Collection is accompanied by a fully illustrated box-set publication with an essay by the writer and teacher Rachel Withers.

ROTOR Catalogue (2010)
This comprehensive guide also features an introduction essay by Helena Blaker, which explores the concepts behind the work.

Siobhan Davies Commissions Catalogue (2011)
The Siobhan Davies Commissions catalogue features full details on all the works and artists, and features an introduction essay by Sally O’Reilly.

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