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Royal Opera House Education has created a series of
free interactive whiteboard resources containing images, audio, exercises and video to introduce young people to opera and ballet, bringing the art forms alive in the school classroom.

The interactive whiteboard lessons inspire creative learning and offer a different and dynamic method of helping teachers to introduce their Key Stage 3 students (11-14 yr olds) to opera and ballet, while addressing the needs of the National Curriculum. The resources are available for download from Promethean Planet, the world’s largest interactive whiteboard community site which provides over one million members access to over 38,000 free teaching resources.

The series currently features four lessons focusing on the question What is Ballet and four on What is Opera? They offer the student the opportunity to build up a glossary and highlight the importance of gesture in ballet, or establish the characters and storyline of Aida through interactive exercises.

The interactive whiteboard series has been designed to support the current curriculum and has taken into account feedback from teachers involved in the development phase. Each series comes with a step by step lesson plan and detailed notes to support teachers when delivering classroom sessions.

How to download
The whiteboard lessons can be downloaded at Schools will need Promethean’s ActiveInspire software to use the interactive lessons which can also be downloaded for free at Promethean Planet.

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