Yarek Baranik Photography

Yarek Baranik Photography

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Unusual, Black & White and colour works by Yarek Baranik combine the mood of both (dance and photography) fields of artistic expression. To show the motion at the static picture is a real skill, however, the author has the advantage that he is passionate about both, photography and dance. In addition, it is a modern form of this art, not easy to watch by the layman, but at the same time beautiful and sensual.

“In my photography I concentrate on people. Studying human nature through his expression and physical appearance is very important for me and a dance as an essence of very intimate emotions and feelings is a great subject to be captured. Feelings are changing, expressions are changing, form… Everything is in constant movement… So exciting.” Yarek Baranik

Contact Email: info@baranik.com
Tel: 07845 076 461

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