Julia Burstein

Photographers Tel: 07951 079541 www.juliaburstein.com

Julia Burstein is a London based freelance photographer.

Specialising in performing arts photography, Julia is well experienced in working with dancers and choreographers, photographing both in the studio and on location.

Julia undertakes commissions for:

  • Production shots
  • Dancers’ portfolios
  • Headshots

Photographer: Julia Burstein

Julia’s aim in creating still images is to convey to the viewer not just the physical aspect of the dance, but the experience as a whole, comprised of all senses. Dance is not just about movement, it is about space and air; the air between the dancers, the distance between different parts of the body, the energy that is created and flows on the stage. Dance is about touch, the touch of skin to skin, of skin to floor. Dance is about connections, affiliations and emotions.

“my photography is about witnessing the moment, translating and capturing the essence of a transitory creation”

Julia Burstein
Tel: 07951 079541
Email: photography@juliaburstein.com

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