Jim Rowbotham

Photographers Tel: 07785 528746 www.perfectlandscape.com

Jim Rowbotham has built a well respected and diverse portfolio of dance photography, building very much on the work of Lois Greenfield though often venturing out from the photographic studio into other spaces.

Photographer: Jim Rowbotham

Jim works both with individuals and dance companies to produce exhibition quality images building on motion and physique.

Photographer: Jim Rowbotham

Jim’s portfolio has become very international and now includes performers from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, India, Jamaica, Moldova, Nigeria, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Photographer: Jim Rowbotham

Jim Rowbotham
Email: jim.rowbotham@gmail.com
Tel: 07785 528746

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