Bruce Atherton and Jana Chiellino are a team of London based photographers specialising in dance, performing arts, music and creative events photography.

Both Jana and Bruce come from quite diverse backgrounds in the field of the arts, Bruce is a visual artist and Jana holds a Master degree in dramaturgy. In dance photography their passion for the body in motion, performance and visual creation unite.

They treat the photographing of dance as an art form in itself and draw upon their own experiences to enter into an empathy with the subjects in front of their lenses.

They have worked with many different clients which include the Royal Opera House on various of their international dance projects, and collaborated with choreographers such as Sarah Dowling, Freddie Opoku-Addaie and Tom Dale. Their work has been widely published in books, magazines, newspapers and online.

Bruce and Jana are available for dance and theatre performance and rehearsal photography, promotional images and creative portraiture, location or studio based, and are always interested in getting involved in creative projects of any manner.

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