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The UK Choreographer’s Directory is a major central resource for anyone working in the Film, television, theatre and Entertainment Industries looking for a Choreographer. Using Dance UK’s expert knowledge of the dance sector and the choreographers listed on the Directory, Dnace UK are able to meet clients needs by talking them through their requirements and the choreographers most suitable for the job.

  • Membership of the Directory costs only £40.00.
  • No royalty fees to pay.
  • Dance UK are not there to make money out of you, they are there to increase your work opportunities and to represent you and your needs.
  • The Directory was initially set up as to work on behalf of choreographers as an alternative to agents, administered by an organisation that understood and represented the needs of choreographers. Dance UK continue this mission.
  • Membership encompasses a range of choreographer’s, from emerging choreographer’s with 5-10 professional credits through to established choreographer’s with over 40 credits.
  • This is a Directory purely for Choreographer’s run by an organisation that champions healthier dancers and a healthier dance economy and advocates for the increased profile of dance in all its diverse and dynamic forms.

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