The Benesh Institute

Organisations SW11 3RA

The Institute provides:

  • The maintenance and integrity of BMN as a universal movement language and its development in response to the needs of its users through its technical research and development programme.
  • The development of Benesh Notation Editor computer software for writing and editing Benesh scores so that notators will have the benefits of new technology at their finger tips.
  • The constant development of the Professional Dance Notators Course syllabi to keep up with the new and innovative movements being performed in dance companies
  • The provision of a reference and resource centre for information relating to choreographic works by the development, maintenance and cataloguing of a library of choreographic scores as well as of dance and movement notation related material.
  • The provision of a central registration body for the protection of choreographic copyright
  • The publication of Benesh articles in the Academy’s Dance Gazette and the Institute’s own Technical Journal, Ben Tech as well as Benesh books, Syllabi and notated material sold through RAD Trading
  • The organisation of an international congress every two years, which acts as a forum for professional notators to share their views and experiences from working in the field and discuss the technical developments and evolution of BMN.
  • The provision of a professional training programme to supply the dance profession with qualified notators and teachers of notation.

The Benesh Institute
36 Battersea Square
SW11 3RA
Tel: 020 7326 8031

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