Independent Dance Managers Network


IDMN is a network for those working as managers, producers and administrators in Dance Management.

The Independent Dance Management Network:

•Supports, advocates and contributes to the development of a robust infrastructure for the independent dance sector.
•Raises awareness of the role of independent managers and producers.
•Provides training, education and services in order to increase the extent, efficacy and impact of independent dance management.
•Acts as a focal point for information & events.

IDMN is an unincorporated association. The elected management committee is Joe Bates (Chair), Gwen Van Spijk, June Gamble, Tim Tubbs (Treasurer), Tia Hassan and Claire Morton (Secretary). Having been one of the organisations within ACE London’s RFO portfolio since 2003, from 1st April 2006 IDMN has been assimilated into Greenwich Dance’s activity.

IDMN members represent a range of individuals working across the dance sector and in a broad range of contexts within dance, to include those operating in a management capacity for small scale dance companies and artists, as well as programmers, consultants and agents within the sector. This a wide breadth of skills and experience allows IDMN to stay well connected and represented across the whole industry

Membership of IDMN is open to any individual meeting the basic definition of an Independent (self-employed) Dance Manager, which we define as: A professional manager working with more than one project, dance artist, company or building at any given time, and typically with a flexible portfolio of activities within (and in some cases, outside) the dance profession. Membership is open to anyone working in the UK or elsewhere, if they are working (at least partly) with UK-based artists/projects. IDMN now has a corporate strand open to individuals holding salaried posts within organisations, whom are employed to specifically support the development of independent artists.

For details on IDMN training scheme please visit IDMN – Training

For further information on membership and how to join visit the IDMN website or contact
Tel: 020 7724 1616

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