Feedback33 is a Professional Dancers’ mentoring forum set up by Sheron Wray.

Feedback33 provides dancers with the opportunity to take part in technique class in an array of various styles, and allows dance artists to share time and space with various teachers from around the globe.

Feedback33 aims to allow dance artists to:

  • Gain feedback on the industry and what it means to be a professional dance artist in London within this millennium.
  • Be informed, share knowledge about new job opportunities and up-coming performances.
  • Try new styles of dance that might be more relevant to the field of dance they would like to expand into.
  • Prepare well for auditions and get advice on CV content and layout.
  • Gain insight into the passions, challenges and experiences of various teachers and peers.

In addition:
A “My Space” session held once a month is led by any of the attendees, who will present some contextual information of their work. It is a useful forum to share new ideas, choreography, teaching practice or research with the view of receiving in return some informed, usefully critical feedback, all within a supportive environment. A “My Space” session allows the artist to use the studio space and time of up to 2 hours but it can be as short as 30 minutes – the duration is up to the individual. The person calling the “My Space session,” must be registered. The £5 registration includes use of unlimited registration with the group and £3 for classes thereafter.

“Lets celebrate our differences by coming together.”

Zela Gayle (Co-ordinator)
The London Studio Centre
42-50 York Way
London N1 9AB

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