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Who are Dance United?
Dance United uses intensive contemporary dance training to help transform the lives of young people who are marginalised, affected by poverty, social inequality, crime or lack of opportunity. Dance United’s projects are tough, disciplined and intensive. Nowhere is this clearer than in the company’s award-winning Academy programme currently running in London, Yorkshire and Wessex. The Academies’ intensive 11-week programmes are based on the discipline of professional dance training. Hundreds of young people start from scratch and excel, learning a host of transferable skills on the way. They discover the joy of learning and achieve against the odds. A staggering 98% of those who complete the programmes gain a national qualification and 80% go on to a range of further educational opportunities. For many taking part this is a life-changing opportunity that shows them their potential to achieve. After graduating from the Academy, a small number join the Dance United performance companies. Dance United London Performance Company

Dance United was one of only 26 charities worldwide personally chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to benefit from the Royal Couple’s wedding gift fund. Dance United continues to support international initiatives, such as the Adugna Community Dance Theatre Company, which is transforming the lives of young people in Ethiopia.

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Tel: 020 7713 7242
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