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Organisations 23 Orsman Road, London
N1 5RA
Tel: 020 7613 0341

Dance Research Studio was founded by Jacky Lansley in 2002. Situated in central London near the city, the studio provides a nurturing and focused environment – a true laboratory for dance, theatre, music and combined arts research and development.

DRS emerged from and is part of the new and independent dance sector within the UK. DRS director and practitioner Jacky Lansley was a founder of the seminal independent studios X6 Dance Space and Chisenhale Dance Space in the 70s and 80s and the Dance Research Studio builds on and continues this legacy of innovation and research. Through its established professional development programme the studio provides an invaluable ‘stepping stone’ into a professional context for recent graduates and further training opportunities for more established practitioners.

Dance Research Studio offers a range of evening classes and weekend workshops including: Belly Dance, Authentic Movement, Yoga, and a Professional Development Programme in Interdisciplinary Performance Practice directed by Jacky Lansley. For more information visit:

Delivered by Dance Research Studio in partnership with University of Plymouth

The Speaking Dancer: Interdisciplinary Performance Training (SDIPT) is a new and innovative PgCert that introduces cross disciplinary training methods and stimuli which support the artist as both performer and ‘author’. The programme offers prospective students coming from a professional and or performing arts degree background the opportunity to rethink their relationship to their practice, and begin to frame concerns about disciplinarity in a broader context.

For more information about SDIPT please visit:

Approximately 10 × 7m. Sprung wood dance floor, Mirrors, Piano, Sound System and Video available, Flexible Lighting, Central heating.

Varied and Negotiable Rates. Please call 020 7613 0341 or email for further details.
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Dance Research Studio
23 Orsman Road
London N1 5RA
Tel: 020 7613 0341

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