Ballet Independents' Group (BIG)

Organisations 205A Castelnau, Barnes, London
SW13 9EA
Tel: 0208 682 1385

Ballet Independents’ Group (BIG)
The Ballet Independents’ Group (BIG) facilitates activities which address issues concerning the nature and future of ballet. Through its initiatives BIG aims to stimulate independent thought and action in ballet and influence its culture by situating ballet practice in a contemporary context, nurturing creativity and composition, facilitating communication and debate, and working with a range of organisations and individuals

BIG’s objectives:

  • To educate in creativity and composition in ballet
  • To raise awareness of the need for funding structures supporting independent creative work in ballet
  • To develop partnerships between organisations and with individuals, in order to nurture new choreographers and new choreography
  • To develop interaction with other art forms in the creation of new work
  • To facilitate communication and debate within the ballet profession and wider dance community

As a body BIG can:

  • Initiate and direct one-off events or on-going programmes – courses, conferences, debates, choreographic platforms
  • Respond to and collaborate with individuals and institutions
  • Facilitate links within and outside the profession

Susan Crow and Jennifer Jackson
Ballet Independents’ Group
205A Castelnau
London SW13 9EA
Susan’s telephone: 01865 557098
Jennifer’s telephone: 079 00225547

Susan’s email:
Jennifer’s email: or

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