Awareness Through Dance provides support for dancers in their careers as well as providing them opportunities to use their talents for positive social change.

Founded in 2012, Awareness Through Dance runs two parallel initiatives

  • It provides support for professional dancers of all genres and experiences. Enabling people in a young and demanding profession to connect with each other, learn and grow together in a trusted and empowering way.
  • It provides opportunities for dancers to use their talent for positive social change. One off projects such as the Leap to the Peak project or by becoming a dancer on the volunteer dancer books, dancers can be linked with charities, used for events and have a chance to give back to those in need.

Career Support – Awareness Through Dance provides dancers creative and new ways to develop understanding, belief and motivation to succeed in a demanding profession. Ranging from confidential personal support to more practical education through seminars and events.

Dance for Change – Dance for positive social change. Through dance we can provoke more dialogue about what is happening in the world. Awareness Through Dance encourage individuals to explore their identity and context to educate, empower and raise questions about our situations. Through dance we have a means of explaining and of reshaping who we are and how we live together.


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