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The Academia Nacional del Tango (UK) Ltd
The Academia Nacional del Tango (UK) Ltd was formed on the 12th of November 1998 and the main aims of the organisation include:

  • To work in close co-operation with tango teachers, dance schools, tango artists and promoters in Britain and throughout the world.
  • To promote the music, lyrics and dance of tango.
  • To act as a resource for the understanding of the origins and development of tango.
  • To sponsor and facilitate teaching and exhibition visits to Britain by exceptional tango dancers and musicians from argentina and around the world.
  • To promote and organise the London Tango Festival as a celebration of tango and to help establish London as a centre of tango in Europe.
  • To publish the magazine Tango Review as a means of promoting tango to a wide international audience and as a service to tango enthusiasts everywhere.

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Academia Nacional del Tango (UK) Ltd
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