Eleonore Ansari

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Freelance artist, choreographer and film maker.

Eleonore’s extensive experience of both classical and contemporary dance has led her to investigate the humour and sadness of life through movements.

She captures and reveals these stories through the medium of documentary film and expands them through imaginative dramatization.

Eleonore Ansari, film maker. Too Hot to Hold [Anita Monk]

Her films *Too Hot To Hold* and *Bloody Wood* have been screened internationally in various film festivals including The Hague (Dance Screen IMZ), London (International Dance Film Festival), Utah, Yokohama, Tokyo, Basel and Buenos Aires. Bloody Wood has been selected as part of the curator’s selection in Tokyo.

Eleonore Ansari, film maker. Electro Coq

She works freelance for Point Prod production company, both as a director and producer. She directed (15) 3 minutes shorts “*Le Journal de Cannes*“ for Fashion TV in 2006, produced and co-directed 12 short films for a private bank and directed *Minetoons* for Handicap International (screened at the Film Festival and International Forum of Human Rights in Geneva).

In 2010 she directed two short documentaries: The “Art of Touch\” (Siobhan Davies) for Rambert Dance Company and \“Swanning Around\” for the Royal Albert Hall, the English National Ballet and Webplay.

Eleonore Ansari began her career in dance and film as a trained ballet and contemporary dancer. She has danced internationally (often up to 150 performances/year) with prestigious companies such as Maurice Béjart, Ballet Béjart Lausanne (1998-89). In 1991 Eleonore started to choreograph for stage using video.

Eleonore Ansari, film maker. The Clown [Michelle Kettle]

She won Geneva’s Department of Public Instruction (DIP) Travel Grant Price in 1995 to go to New York City to produce her own dance and video work for a multimedia live performance.

Eleonore Ansari, film maker. Bloody Wood

In 2004 she was selected to specialize in “Dance For Screen“ at The Place Theatre (LCDS), to choreograph, produce and direct short dance films.

She has turned her hand to various roles by incorporating her physical and interpersonal skills (including body doubling for Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider).

Eleonore divides her time between London, Paris and Geneva (where she freelances for Point Prod in various production and technical capacities). She is based in London, occasionally teaches dance and filmmaking and records live dance performances.

Eleonore Ansari
Email: eleonore.ansari@gmail.com

Top: Too Hot to Hold (Anita Monk)
2nd from top: Electro Coq
3rd from top: The Clown (Michelle Kettle)
Bottom: Bloody Wood

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