Internationally commended visual artist Cristobal Catalan specialises in music, dance, acrobatic and choreography videos with recent clients including English National Gallery, Swarovski, Flawless (X-Factor), Daria Klimentova, Joaquin Cortes and the world famous China Olympic Dance Troupe.
Currently based in London as videographer and photographer, Cristobal has been widely commissioned by dance and performance artists and choreographers in need of portfolio videos, dance promos, visual documentation and collaborative dance film projects.

Cristobal’s films have been screened at the London Spanish Film Festival, World Dance Festival, Arab Film Festival, New York Soho Shorts Film Festival, Tripoli Film Festival and the London Short Film Festival. His other works have been featured on Sky Arts, Al Jazeera, BBC, London Olympics 2012, MTV and Canal+. He has also been exhibited in galleries throughout Asia, North America, the Middle East and Europe including Saatchi and Museums of Modern Art.

Cristobal offers unique and stylish videos and photography that enhance performance on screen and grab the attention of target audiences.
t: 02036698681

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