A London based film-maker who has made a well-known series of films for choreographer Jonathan Burrows. Adam also makes short film, writes screenplays, and is now film and video based work for gallery exhibition.

Adam Roberts still

For a list of selected works, click here. Much of this work has been broadcast, exhibited and curated internationally, recently for instance in a touring programme of favourite films chosen by William Forsythe.

Review extracts
“blue yellow is a game of infinitely many framings. A beautiful work that does not confine itself to showing the body but also examines something that always seems imponderable: the relationship between dance and its filming” Liberation.

“The success of these films is derived from their apparent simplicity and subtlety, which is countered by their depth of layers of artistry and intentionDance Theatre Journal.

“their film Hands is an exquisite jewel: an unexpected, eloquent, seemingly simple yet intensely concentrated dance for a pair of hands” Nadine Meisner, Dance Theatre Journal.

“Bodies, apparently, feel heavier when dead. In a dark corridor, a woman struggles with a huge lozenge-shaped bundle. Larger and heavier than her, she drags it along the floor, finally hauling it upright only to find that she does not have the strength to further. This essentially is the plot of Adam Roberts disturbing short film Body. It is a threatening, tense piece of film-making…” The Guardian.

Adam Roberts 'The Stop Quartet film'

Adam Roberts

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