Brent has partnered with the local community on a variety of successful festivals and events for the last 20 years. Brent’s annual festivals programme celebrates the cultures of one of England’s most culturally diverse boroughs. Mixing tradition with new ideas and emerging art forms, Brent festivals attract attendees from all sections of their diverse population, allowing the community to join together to observe, share and participate in each others’ culture. This is why you’ll see a range of different people in both Brent Diwali and Brent Dance Month, and events like Brent Respect Festival actively promote the opportunity for all communities to come together.

When Throughout the month of July

Where Across Brent

How to get involved
All participants are required to download and fill out an expression of interest form available from the website For those interested in promoting their dance activity in the Brent Dance Month Calendar, forms are available from February.

Melissa Inman
Tel: 020 8937 311

What’s On