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Steve is a freelance lighting designer, based in London, whose lighting design experience includes dance, physical theatre and musical theatre. His work includes:
Good Morning I’m Sleeping and Good Night Deer for Daydream Nation at the ICA, which integrated choreography, design and lighting; also Your Objects Move Us movement theatre with Freathy Tippett, the company he co-founded.

'Good Night Deer' Lighting Designer: Steve Lowe

He enjoys the process of collaborating to realise a shared artistic vision, and is supportive and responsive to the needs of choreographers and dancers. He is inspired by how light interacts with bodies in motion, and the creative possibilities of shape, texture and colour to evoke mood.

'Bisclavret' Lighting Designer: Steve Lowe

He is adept in making the most of new technologies such as LEDs (with their energy-saving potential) and also in translating historical light sources into his current practice, such as candles manipulated by performers as part of the movement.

In addition to his freelance work he also teaches technical theatre and lighting design. He has an MA in lighting design from Central School of Speech and Drama.

'Your Objects Move Us' Lighting Designer: Steve Lowe

Steve Lowe
Tel: 07957 420245

Photo credits:
Lighting Designer – Steve Lowe
Top: Good Night Deer
Middle: Bisclavret
Bottom: Your Objects Move Us

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