Matthew Button - Lighting Design

Designers Tel: 07957 667896

Matthew’s initial contact with dance was through his lighting designs for Cumni Ballet Gwent in the early nineties and the Norwich Dance Company. Since then he has lit almost every type of occasion from stadium launches in Nigeria – the National Stadium Abuja, to games openings such as the Afro- Asian games in Pakistan.

Lighting Design: Matthew Button

He was commisioned to do the lighting design for the launch of the GLA building, which also involved a dance performance.

As well as dance and theatre, Matthew recently has also been working in music. He has been on tour with Guns and Roses, Jay Z, Beyonce, and the Chemical Brothers,

Matthew is prepared to take any type of work on as long as it is interesting. He loves being innovative and creating feelings with light, as he finds it is the most fantastic medium.

Lighting Design: Matthew Button

Matthew is based in London, but also does world wide commisions.

Tel: +44 (0)7957 667896

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