Laurent Louyer - Lighting Design


Laurent considers himself more of a light artist than a designer. His work is based on the idea of emotions created with light. Laurent would be interested in collaborating with choreographers on individual installations.

Lighting design: Laurent Louyer, Creatmosphere

He works on large structures of light and their relation to a specific space. Laurent continuously develops ideas using spheres of large size with lights inside, projected on them, video works and movement created with air.

Lighing: Laurent Louyer - Creatmosphere

Laurent has worked on small choreographic projects in France including a presentation of his own creation control freaks – a mix of performance, spheres, light and video works. This was shown during the international dance festival of Annemasse at Chateau Rouge during a performance called Lotorama, in April 2005. He has also worked on an installation of moving light balloons for Yuval Pick, an Israeli choreographer based in Lyon.

Lighting: Laurent Louyer, Creatmosphere

Laurent Louyer
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