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Guy is a freelance lighting designer based in London, who designs for dance, theatre, opera and installation work. He has been the lighting designer for Henri Oguike Dance Company since its formation.

Guy Hoare

Review extracts
“The great moment in Henri Oguike’s Front Line is a stampede along the front of the stage. Guy Hoare’s lighting fixes the dancers in a stripe of light, with deep shadow behind them. They look like figures in a frieze, stamping and shimmying from side to side.” Zoe Anderson, The Independent, 31 March.04

“Guy Hoare’s gilt-edged lighting is masterly” Donald Hutera, The Times, 1 Feb.03

“Lighting is the moody new star of dance, delineating dark boundaries, sculpting foggy air, summoning lurking shadows and uneasy black holes. Any choreographer worth his or her new-generation credentials has murky lighting to die, or at least blink, for, and Henri Oguike is right in there, along with his lighting designer Guy Hoare.” Nadine Meisner, The Independent, 24 Apr.02

“Guy Hoare’s flickering lights manipulate senses, theirs and ours” Ismene Brown, The Daily Telegraph, 26 Feb.02

“Guy Hoare’s lighting is a work of subtle art throughout” John di Folco, The Stage, 23 March.00

Guy Hoare, lighting designer.

Design work
Guy has been designing for Henri Oguike Dance Company since 2000 and also designs lighting for their sister company H2O. In recent years, Guy has designed work for The Mark Bruce Company, Igloo, The Snag Project, m.e.parker, Alicia Herrero Simon, Maria Ryan, Charlotte Eatock, and National Youth Dance Wales. Future projects include work with National Youth Dance Wales, Arte Latino, Maresa von Stockert and Henri Oguike. He continues to divide his time between theatre, opera and dance and is interested in all collaborative projects.

Guy Hoare

Guy Hoare

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