Edmund Sutton - Lighting Design

Irven Lewis, //Vigour// tour, Keneish Dance, 2012

Designers London Tel: +44(0)7791 104643 www.edmundsutton.co.uk

Edmund Sutton has lit a range of different types of show. Dance credits include Vigour for Keneish Dance and Respite for Sakoba Dance Theatre.

He has a physics degree from the University of Bristol and in 2009 won the Equity Young Members’ Professional Development Bursary to attend the Broadway Lighting Masterclass in New York in May 2010.

Please see www.edmundsutton.co.uk for pictures and more details of productions.

Photo: Irven Lewis, //Vigour// tour, Keneish Dance, 2012

Location: London
Tel: +44(0)7791 104643

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