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Set and Costumes design

Carlos Cortes has worked successfully with performing arts and visual arts for about 20 years at international level. His practice includes Set and Costumes design for Dance and Theatre, paintings, installations and photography. He also creates and directs his own performances and runs workshops.

As a designer he has created works for dance and theatre companies in the UK, Spain and Italy, working for choreographers and companies such as: Derek Deane, Mauro Galindo, Paolo Mohovich, Balletto di Toscana, Ballet de Zaragoza, Centro Dramatico de Aragon, Isleworth Actors co., and more.

His designs draw from all these sources and from his experience as a dancer, visual and movement artist. His sets are able to evolve and to be transformed following the dynamics of each piece. Some of his designs are abstract, playing with shapes, colour and concepts. Some others are more directly related to his drawings and paintings. He has also done some work for children’s theatre.

The best working relationship would be an early start, sharing the creative process form the beginning and using workshops and improvisation to explore ideas and materials alongside the development of the piece.

'SHAKRAS' Balletto di Toscana, Florence, Italy. Choreographer: Paolo Mohovich. Music: Bela Bartok. Set design: Carlos Cortes

In recent years his projects have featured participatory and site especific events where professional performers and members of the community work together to generate a creative project.

His own work has been exhibited and/or performed in venues and festivals such as the Hayward Gallery (London), Kew Gardens (London), Oryel Mostyn (Llandudno), Royal Accademy of Arts (Edinburgh), Galleri (Carmarthen), Strange creatures Festival (Hertogenbosch, Holland), Time and Space (Paide, Estonia), Festival Periferias (Huesca, Spain), among many others.

Review extracts
“…a simple set ideally suited to the venue…” The Chronicle, Isleworth, about the set for Canterbury Tales/ IAC

“…we take this and run wild, decorating the walls, ceiling and the floor in a riot of designs…liberating: theatre with a difference” Argus, Brighton, about A THIN LINE, an interactive performance where the audience creates the set

“…the dancers, in couples, were split by a fascinating parallelepiped that slowly crosses the stage…” la Nuova Ferrara, about the set for Shakra, a choreography of Paolo Mohovich for the Balletto di Toscana

“…an arcane atmosphere…the set is made of a few scenic elements designed by Carlos Cortes…a light box in which the dancers seem to dissolve at times…and then sticks that the dancers themselves move on stage creating circular patterns…” Nuova Danza, about the set for Shakra

Set design: Carlos Cortes

Carlos Cortes
Visual and Performing Artist
Based in London
Tel: +44(0)2087783015
Mobile: +44(0)7957997611

Photo credits:
Top image – Shakras, Balletto di Toscana, Florence, Italy. Choreographer: Paolo Mohovich. Music: Bela Bartok. Set design: Carlos Cortes
Bottom image – Set design: Carlos Cortes

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