Cabinet of Curiosity/Caroline Collinge & Edmond Salter - Designer


Cabinet of Curiosity – Caroline Collinge & Edmond Salter

Cabinet of Curiosity are a design and architecture duo working across film, installation and performance.

Clients, exhibitions and commissions include:
BRASS Durham International Festival, British Council, Breakthru Films, Camberwell Arts Festival, Jaybird Live Literature, Kings Cross Reveal Festival, Label Films, Latitude Festival, Liege Opera House, Minnie Weisz Studio, National Gallery, Northampton Shoe Lounge, Prague Quadrennial, Quark films, RIBA Forgotten Spaces, SDNA, Seefood TV, Shelter, Siri Dybwik Dans, Southbank Centre, Thames Festival Trust, The Architecture Foundation, The Roundhouse, Trove Birmingham and the V & A.

Caroline Collinge, Prague Quadrennial

Architectural spaces have been the catalyst for live performance and site specific installations that employ costumes to scenographically devise the scene, costume the space and choreograph the movement of the performers. Psychological resonances encased within the physical fabric of forgotten spaces, expressed through a synthesis of ‘self to site’, have directed live projects that collage together the historical and contemporary to create poetic ‘visions’ in an everyday environment.

Caroline Collinge, Camberwell Arts Festival

Within this practice the potential for costumes to transcend their status as garment and be perceived as art objects, set design or conveyors of sensory encounters in performative installations has been explored. This practice has been carried out independently and collaboratively with individuals from diverse design and performance backgrounds, including contemporary dance, aerial, digital arts, opera, music and poetry.

Caroline Collinge, Prague Quadrennial


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