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Extremely popular in New York, the ‘Zena Rommett Floor-Barre Technique™’ was originally developed over 45 years ago in the USA by Zena Rommett – a pioneer in dance rehabilitation & injury prevention – to refine ballet technique.

Based on ballet, the Zena Rommett Floor-Barre Technique ™ sculpts the body, creating beautiful, long, exquisite lines. It incorporates innovative dance movements with anatomical principles of alignment in a pure technique of solid placement.

Floor-barre™ allows the dancer to feel how to work the body correctly – which muscles should be working, when and how, to centre the body. Alignment, transitions and posture can all be corrected or refined. It also increases flexibility, strength and fluidity.

As the physical structure is centred, lengthened and strengthened, tension is released whilst maximum turnout and extension are developed. Correct alignment and movement become part of the dancer’s muscular memory, enhancing and refining technical skills, increasing vitality and artistic expression, helping to improve the dancer’s performance.

Zena’s technique aids in the rehabilitation as well as the prevention of injuries. Suitable for non-dancers, as well as dancers, it can be especially useful to the athlete, gymnast, those looking to return from injury or people suffering from some chronic conditions.

Antonia Franceschi
Antonia Franceschi offers private teaching specialising in helping dancers recover from injuries. She teaches Zena’s Floor-Barre, ballet, and has a gyrotonics machine as well. Classes are held in her home and are £50 per hour.

Contact: Antonia Franceschi
Email: shakers@globalnet.co.uk

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