Sports and remedial massage can help you dance better and dance longer

Deep tissue and other advanced massage techniques can help keep you at your maximum fitness and injury-free and London based sports massage therapist Wolfgang Mittelmaier is making a very special offer to users who are professional dancers, or full time dance students, so that you can experience the benefits, in a free taster session!

On Wednesday 7 August and Saturday 17 August 2013 Wolfgang is offering half hour treatments by a sports massage therapist from his clinic, which he will supervise, shadowed by two university students who are taking a course in dance injuries. Half-hour treatments at his clinic are usually £35 (or £45 for a treatment by Wolfgang himself). Sessions in Alexander Technique are also on offer.

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Wolfgang Mittelmaier, a London based sports massage therapist, explains what sports massage can do for you:

Get the most out of your massage
There are three main reasons to get a sports and remedial massage:

  1. to prevent injury and/or enhance performance, which usually means dealing with excessive tightness in muscle tissue
  2. to aid preparation for or recovery from an important event (audition, performance etc.)
  3. to help recover from an injury.

1) Injury prevention & performance increase. To get the most out of this, you should not train hard 24 hours before or after the treatment. Part of this work involves deep tissue massage and you should give your muscles some recovery time afterwards.

2) Pre- and post-performance. When you prepare for an important and exhausting performance or an audition, or when you are recovering from the same, a specific massage session will be helpful. This should be as close to the event as possible. This specific pre/post-performance massage is relatively light and fast: The whole body is easily covered within 30 minutes.

3) Injury. Depending on the severity and nature of the injury, you are likely to be seeing a medical practitioner already and massage takes on a supplementary, but still essential role.

Where to find a good therapist
Two organizations play a vital role in finding a well trained sports massage therapist in the UK. Therapists who have trained to the standard of the Sports massage Association use traditional methods like friction and deep stroking techniques that are the basic tools of all forms of deep tissue massage therapy. The Institute for Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy goes several steps further in requiring its members to be competent in a wider range of modern techniques that include muscle energy techniques, assisted stretching, etc.

Both associations have a well maintained therapist directory covering the whole of the United Kingdom.

Find out more about Sports & Remedial Massage
If you are interested in training as a massage therapist, you may want to look at Mel Cash: Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy. For the more technically minded have a look at Chris Caldwell: Dance and Dancers’ Injuries.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Wolfgang at or have a look at his website

Wolfgang Mittelmaier, LSSM, MSMA, MISRM

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