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Your Body, Your Risk

Your Body, Your Risk
Your Body Your Risk provides information about healthy eating, promoting a positive body image, warning signs of eating disorders requiring specialist advice and workplace health and safety regulations that are relevant to dancers. Many key figures in the dance world are supportive of the initiative.

Your Body, Your Risk is available directly through Dance UK. Contact Helen Laws to order:
Helen Laws
Healthier Dancer Programme Manager
Dance UK
The Urdang
The Old Finsbury Town Hall
Rosebery Avenue
London EC1R 4QT
Direct Line: 020 7841 7353
Main Dance UK Tel: 020 7713 0730
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The following publications are also available from Dance UK:

Fit to Dance?
The report of the first national inquiry into dancers’ health and injury, carried out in 1994 and published by the Gulbenkian Foundation. It is a thorough study of dancers’ lifestyles, risks and achievements and in it dance experts, sports scientists and medical specialists discuss the need for better support of dancers’ healthcare.
by Dr. Peter Brinson and Fiona Dick

Fit to Dance 2
The report of the second national inquiry into UK dancers’ health and injury, funded by the Jerwood Charity, presents and compares the health, lifestyle and injury status of dancers in 2002/3 with that 10 years previously. It includes an additional survey of dance teachers. The book provides a clear picture of provision for dancers’ health and injury prevention in dance companies and vocational dance schools, and updated recommendations for the dance profession based on these findings.
Author: Helen Laws

The Dancers’ Survival Guide
Produced by Dance UK, The Foundation for Community Dance and The Place Dance Services, and providing information on health, auditions, contracts, insurance, and finance essential to establishing and maintaining a career in dance.
Edited by Scilla Dyke

Dance Floors: A Handbook for the design of floors for dance
An essential resource for those planning dance facilities and events, highlighting the significance of floors to dance performance, and providing the information needed to get it right.
by Mark Foley

A Dancer’s Guide to Warm Up / Cool Down
A set of two A1 matt laminated posters giving examples of stretches that can be incorporated into a flexibility programme and guidelines for a safe and effective warm up / cool down recommended by physiotherapist Caroline Marsh. – £10 for the pair

Poster series
A set of 3 posters about diet, health and treating injury:

  • You are what you eat
  • It’s your body not just anybody
  • Injury can happen to anyone!

Dance UK conference papers published by the Laban Centre:
The Healthier Dancer: The report of Dance UK’s Healthier Dancer Conference 1990

  • Injuries to dancers: a worldwide problem
  • exercise physiology
  • physiotherapy
  • surgery
  • osteopathy * nutrition
  • amenorrhoea
  • eating disorders
  • illness first aid
  • general health
  • Dancers’ Charter.

Tomorrow’s Dancers:
The papers of the 1993 conference Training Tomorrow’s Professional Dancers

  • which way dance teaching?
  • training or taming the dancer?
  • fitness for dance
  • dance and sports psychology
  • beyond technique to the artists
  • the freshness factor
  • dance diversity
  • towards a manifesto for dance teaching.

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