Method Putkisto Studio

Method Putkisto

Dancers' Health 56 Derby Road
SW14 7DP
Tel: 020 8878 7384

Method Putkisto is an innovative, precise exercise method of deep-stretching, deep-strengthening and deep-breathing, enabling you to achieve in-depth improvements in your body shape for a leaner, trimmer body – lifting you to a good posture.

The Method Putkisto Studio
The Method Putkisto Studio in the United Kingdom is in East Sheen, London, near Richmond, Surrey. The beautiful Studio offers a peaceful, relaxing and unique environment in which you can carry out your stretching exercises.

The Method Putkisto Studio offers:

  • Method Putkisto & Pilates classes
  • Small group classes
  • Private sessions
  • Workshops
  • Machine work sessions
  • High quality teaching, making sure that each clients progress is carefully monitored
  • A progressive program which ensures good results

If you would like more information on the Studio or would like to book an introductory session, please contact:

Studio Manager
Method Putkisto Studio
56 Derby Road
East Sheen
London SW14 7DP
Tel: 07946 597449

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