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Lotte Berk Studio

Dancers' Health The Lotte Berk Studio, 465 Fulham Road
Tel: 020 7385 2477

Lotte Berk exercises were developed from modern dance, yoga and physiotherapy.

They are designed to achieve a lean, supple and toned look by:

  • stretching and shaping the body
  • strengthening the abdominal muscles to support the spine and flatten the stomach
  • toning the thighs and bottom
  • improving mobility and flexibility
  • increasing stamina and co-ordination for other sports

Gay Christie, closely associated with Lotte Berk for more than 20 years – carries on her method of exercises at the studio at 465 Fulham Road, London, now the headquarters for Lotte Berk Ltd.

The Lotte Berk Studio
465 Fulham Road
London SW6 1HL
Tel: 020 7385 2477
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