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Dancers' Health 27 Endell Street, Covent Garden
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Gido Schimanski
Omega NEI Health Coaching
Coaching for success and health

This coaching is a combination of Kinesiology (Muscle testing), Meridian-Tapping-Technique, Chakra Balancing, NLP, Trance-coaching, visual Meditation, Energy Healing and many more.

You could compare our bodies with a complicated computer that stores and saves our experiences in various programs and navigates our learning processes and experiences from that point, without us being consciously aware of it. Disturbances and unprocessed stress in these programs, (sometimes rooting as far back as from your early childhood, pregnancy or past lives) can be the reason or causal factor for diseases, sickness, emotional imbalance and being unsuccessful, where you want to be successful.

Some of the reasons, why people don’t heal despite a lot of medical attention are:
-limiting, negative beliefs
-unprocessed conflicts
-emotional traumas

The (Omega) NEI Health Coach finds these blockages and limiting factors and re-programs the mind and the autonomic nervous system for health, vitality and to live your full potential. This will help you to develop your own mental and spiritual power, and to reconnect with your authentic resources of strength, courage, self-worth and compassion in the fastest possible way.

According to Gido Schimanski is the only practicing Omega NEI Health Coach in the UK. Gido studied with Dr Roy Martina, the founder of NEI Health Coaching.

Gido Schimanski
Tel: 020 755 88 699

A chrystal and book shop with a treatment studio underneath – Buddha on a Bicycle
27 Endell Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9BA


“ soon as I was with you [GIDO] I felt at ease and totally safe (which is a wonderful feeling unto itself) and allowed myself to enter into our process because of this. I found the process fascinating and enjoyed the progression through it. Since the session I have returned to work, which was the environment I was dealing with, and I felt transformed…. Most of all, I am left with a feeling of empowerment and of being able to actually do something if I start to feel under confident, or fearful, or rigid, etc, and I thank you very much for that!”

Shelby Williams, Dancer. London, UK

“It works! Trance coaching has allowed me to discard my negative patterns and help realign my thoughts positively in order to achieve my optimum life potential. Gido is a well established and highly gifted healer – a complete inspiration.”

Mikah Smillie. Photographer. London, UK

“After my first treatment I felt calmer, I was able to let go of unnecessary baggage, and focus my mind more clearly. My energy level increased and I had a greater zest for life….. “

M.S. London, UK

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