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The technical basis of Aikido is largely derived from O’Sensei Ueshiba’s mastery of the Daito Ryu, a Aiki-jujitsu school, with the weapons system largely developed from O’Sensei’s observation of many different koryu.

Aikido includes the study of tai-jutsu (body art) and the study of aikido weapons the ken (sword) and jo (staff). Students are taught the body art and weapons systems in such a way that each field of study informs the other and leads to improved technique in all areas.

The techniques of Aikido consist largely of strikes (atemi) throws and pins which are effected by blending with the attackers energy.
Iwama Aikido London

Dento Iwama Ryu Aikido London

Elevate your mental and physical skills. Gain power, control, awareness, focus and and amazing flow. Circular movements, redirecting the opponents energy and deflect attacks.

The introductory course is for 8 weeks and takes place on Thursdays at 7 pm for 1 hour. The cost for the course is £50. Training in Aikido requires a training suit (keiko-gi). To register for the course please email

Iwama Aiki Shurenkai London
Tokei Martial Arts Centre
28 Magdalen Street
London Bridge


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