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A directory of organisations and practitioners that help to support the health and fitness of dancers.
Please note that we are unable to check practitioners credentials. We recommended you do so before enlisting a practitioner’s services.

From Dancers' Health

  • Isobel Knight - Bowen Therapist


    Isobel Knight is an experienced dancer and internationally published author on Hypermobility Syndrome. She did … Continue Reading

  • Jess Glenny

    Jess Glenny - Yoga & Yoga Therapy


    Jess is a senior yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist with a background in dance and specialisms in working… Continue Reading

  • Jo Christophe - Osteopathy

    Kensington and Chelsea W11 1LA

    Jo’s qualifications are M’Ost (Master of Osteopathy) from the British School of Osteopathy. She has co… Continue Reading

  • Leon Baugh - Massage Therapy


    Sports Injury Massage Therapy for dancers. Leon is an APNT (Association of Physical and Natural Therapists) qua… Continue Reading

  • Little Venice Pilates

    Kensington and Chelsea W11

    Pilates Studio on Holland Park The beautiful, tranquil and private and spacious Pilates studio is directly situ… Continue Reading

  • Lotte Berk Studio

    Lotte Berk

    Hammersmith and Fulham SW6

    Lotte Berk exercises were developed from modern dance, yoga and physiotherapy. They are designed to achieve a … Continue Reading

  • Louise Dixon - Shiatsu Treatment, Hot Stone Massage & Indian Head Massage

    ShiatsuShiatsu was developed in Japan more than 1400 years ago and works on the same principals as acupuncture.… Continue Reading

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