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A directory of organisations and practitioners that help to support the health and fitness of dancers.
Please note that we are unable to check practitioners credentials. We recommended you do so before enlisting a practitioner’s services.

From Dancers' Health

  • Dr. Anne Thomas - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

    Barnet NW7

    Dr Anne Thomas is a Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Health Psychologist specialising in congitive behaviour therapy for dancers. This is a form of therapy which examines the negative views persons hold abo… Continue Reading

  • EosBody / Briar Adams

    City of Westminster WC2R

    Weekly classes focussing on maximising potential in flexibility and control, conditioning, and injury prevention. Suitable for both dancers and non-dancers, with a limit of 5 people per class to allow for perso… Continue Reading

  • Esther White - Sports Massage

    Esther White – Sports and Remedial Massage / Pilates Esther is London School of Sports Massage qualified in sports and remedial massage and Pilates Foundation qualified in apparatus and matwork teaching. S… Continue Reading

  • Gido Schimanski - Omega NEI Health Coaching

    Camden WC2H

    Gido SchimanskiOmega NEI Health CoachingCoaching for success and health This coaching is a combination of Kinesiology (Muscle testing), Meridian-Tapping-Technique, Chakra Balancing, NLP, Trance-coaching, visual … Continue Reading

  • Gyrotonic®

    The Gyrotonic Expansion System™ is a unique system of equipment based in circularity that incorporates movement principles from yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and tai chi. It helps develop body flexibil… Continue Reading

  • Heart of Movement, Dance Movement Psychotherapy and supervision

    Croydon CR0

    Dance Movement Psychotherapy and supervision with Celine Butte Through Heart of Movement, Celine Butte offers Dance Movement Psychotherapy, supervision and training opportunities for individuals and small groups… Continue Reading

  • Ian Schofield - Osteopath

    City of Westminster WC2H

    Ian H. Schofield BSc (Ost), P G DipRegistered Osteopath Ian Schofield has specialised in treating dancers since 1987 where he has practiced at the Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden, London. There is a wide rang… Continue Reading

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