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Type of Work
Site-specific, as well as stage performances; short and feature-length films

Founded in London in 1999 by Brazilian dancer/ choreographer Fernanda Lippi and film director Andre Semenza. Though a collaborative, multi-disciplinary process, Zikzira Physical Theatre creates complex, visceral performances, bringing the site-specific approach to unconventional locations, to film, as well as to the stage.

Zikzira Physical Theatre 'Eu Vos Liberto' Dancers: Macarena Campbell and Sung hwa Kim

Review extracts
As Cinzas de Deus
“Stupendous. A sizzling and beautiful feature film. The performance embodies the teachings of spiritual theatre giant Grotowski. Striking.” Time Out

“Intense, flashbacking and highly stylised dance drama” BBC

“An arty film with memorable moods, imagery and performances that are never less than committed” Dance Europe

“A pioneering work” Correrio da Bahia

“The teachings of Grotowski permeate the film in this unique, carefully executed production, in which each scene transpires the passion that created it” Estado de São Paulo

“A gripping ensemble piece about the territory of subjectivity and perception. This is a piece of exemplary choreography, dripping with sociological comment and performed with astounding fluidity and expertise.” The Stage

“Angry, intense and explicit, but compelling” The Times

“An almost Lynchian sense of foreboding” Dance Theatre Journal

“A rare treat indeed!” Flavourpill London

Eu vos liberto
“Best play: ravishing imagery in a fusion of dance and theatre.” Folha de São Paulo

The smooth wax of ingenuous souls
“There is resistance, there is pain, a reaching for rest; speech fragments with a confessional quality. Poetically narrative and emotionally powerful”. Genova Mentelocale

“Art beyond boundaries. A direct confrontation with myth, dream states, archaic forces of the human psyche. Physical work, action and letting go open the way for the expectant space, an emotion landscape in which the actors’ visceral spheres and the aesthetic composition merge.” Il Seculo XIX, Genova

Zikzira Physical Theatre 'Eu Vos Liberto' Dancers: Macarena Campbell and Sung hwa Kim

Production highlights
Anglo-Brazilian Zikzira Physical Theatre performed in unconventional places in London and produced several short films (such as Fliessgleichgewicht 2002).
Fliessgleichgewicht video clip

Site-specific performances in Brazil include Quem viu, viu, (São Paulo 2001) and Urbe (Rio de Janeiro 2002).

In 2003 Zikzira launched the critically acclaimed feature film, ‘As Cinzas de Deus’ (Ashes of God www.ascinzasdedeus.com). The first contemporary dance film of its kind, the film merges the languages of dance and cinema and features a soundtrack mixed by Kid Loco. Produced by Maverick Motion and Swiss TV DRS, As Cinzas de Deus was released theatrically in Brazil and selected for a string of international film festivals. It was, amongst other cinemas, exhibited at the Riverside Studios and The Barbican (Critics’ Choice, Time Out). As Cinzas de Deus video clip

Verissimilitude (2004/2005), a live performance created for the stage, based on Michel Foucault’s text The Four Similitudes and the study of the extremes of human instinct, was performed at the Riverside Studios London, Berlin (Hebbel am Ufer), and in Brazil’s major capitals (winner of four Sinpac awards, Best Performance 2005, Best Lighting Design, Best Set Design, and Best Performer). Verissmilitude

Saber isso é Morrer (To know this is to Die, 2007), a feature film inspired by humanity’s first sex tragedy, Euripides’ “Hippolytus”, shot in a deserted, dilapidated Brazilian brothel, with a chorus of sex workers. The film is in post-production.

In Eu vos liberto (“I set you free”, 2007/8), a live performance, Zikzira reviews the play’s archetypes; in this production, the characters are discarnate – dream-like, in a state of limbo, they are etheric imprints of their carnal counterparts and bound to their choices. Eu vos liberto which features an international cast and an original soundtrack by The Hafler Trio. Eu vos liberto video clip

Eu vos liberto

In 2008, Zikzira were invited by renowned Brazilian company Teatro da Vertigem to co-direct the site-specific piece “A última palavra é a penúltima“ (“The last word is the penultimate”, 2008). The performance, based on Gilles Deleuze’s study of Samuel Beckett, was set in a disused underground passage in the decaying centre of São Paulo.

In 2009, Zikzira produced a film entitled “The Big Frost”, shot in a decaying Brazilian housing complex built by architect Oscar Niemeyer. The film is in post-production.

The company’s second feature film, shot in Sweden, featuring an original soundtrack by The Hafler Trio, is currently in post-production in London and will be released in 2012.

Also in 2012, the company premiered the live performance, “The smooth wax of ingenuous souls” (work-in-progress), inspired by Late Victorian essayist Walter Pater and rehearsed in London, at Teatro Akropolis (Genoa, Italy).

In August 2006, Zikzira officially opened the purpose-built studio in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Zikzira Action Space www.zikzira.com/actionspace, with a programme of exhibitions, screenings, events and workshops by internationally renowned representatives physical theatre and dance film, such as Jaroslaw Fret, director of The Grotowski Center (Poland), Thomas Prattki, founder and director of London International School of Performing Arts, Alex Reuben (then Director, Dance for the Screen, The Place), and a rare event with music pioneer The Hafler Trio, amongst others. In 2008, Zikzira Action Space hosted an international programme entitled ‘Soliloquium’, giving solo artists the opportunity to showcase their work beyond conventional theatrical definitions. Sung hwa Kim (South Korea) opened the series with the piece “Global Warming”, followed by Eduardo Fukushima’s Entre Contenções, and Macarena Campbell and Pedro Bastos’ “One hundred words on a ping pong ball” (facilitated by Fernanda Lippi and Andre Semenza). In 2009 Zikzira Action Space hosted Paula Lay as Resident Artist with whom the film “The Big Frost” was produced.

Coming soon
Feature film, in post-production, will be launched 2012.

“The smooth wax of ingenuous souls”, live performance.

Permanent Staff
Choreographer: Fernanda Lippi
Artistic Director: Andre Semenza

Current dancers
Zikzira is a project-based company with a team of associated dancers and actors, and invites artists from other media to collaborate on individual projects.

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