Wisemoves Dance

Who are we?

Wise Moves seeks, through the workshops it delivers, to help young people to
realise and develop
Wisemoves Dance Ltd their maximum potential.

Awareness of cultural diversity and understanding of other peoples’ experiences,
which can be experienced in our workshops are key elements of the citizenship
programme of study.

Wise Moves works with several hundred freelance professional artists to deliver
a wide range of drama, music, visual art, and dance workshops to schools throughout
England and Wales on any day throughout the academic year. We also offer artists
for out of school activities and summer schools. As our name implies we started
by offering dance workshops in January 2000 and quite quickly became the leading
organisation of our kind in England and Wales.

If you have worked directly with freelance professional artists to arrange workshops
in the past, you will know that it is a time-consuming and, on occasion difficult
exercise, especially when problems arise. We believe, and are told by teachers,
that our success has been due to the fact that we have removed this burden from
their shoulders and provide a variety and depth of talent, on demand, which would
otherwise be beyond their reach.

Most of our workshops are delivered as part of the school curriculum. We know
that it is important that the children have fun and are inspired by the experience
but we also ensure, as do our artists, that workshops are structured so as to
advance the objectives of the teacher and the requirements the curriculum.

Each workshop lasts for a minimum of two hours (on floor time) which is a normal
half-day workshop and takes place either in the morning or the afternoo

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