The Suraya Hilal Dance Company is uniquely placed in the contemporary dance world, drawing inspiration from the roots of African/Arab-Egyptian dance culture. The Company’s work represents an unparalleled development of dance and music from these roots.
Suraya Hilal is hailed as one of the great dance talents of our time; her work has been showcased throughout Britain and Europe with tremendous popular and critical acclaim.

Production Highlights

The Cage, 2014
A new solo piece by Suraya Hilal explores how with our minds, we create our limitations, and how we try to transcend this enslavement with our will, desire and aspirations to go beyond and find freedom.

Alchimia, 2012
Suraya Hilal’s new work Alchimia’ was created for six dancers,explores the subject of “the critical mass”, how one person who becomes a catalyst with one new thought, one who dares to make a difference with a new idea that takes hold and progressively grows until the energy engulf the masses. Soon, all become united in thought and intention and action. The piece explores how this leads to irrevocable change and evolution!

Oscillations, 2008
Oscillations, Suraya Hilal’s new work is about the swing of the pendulum and the point of balance found in the oscillating journey of life. Suraya works mainly with the music of the classical Oud, of leading composer Joseph Tawadros. The choreographies, set for two dancers, bring to light essential elements that realize the point of balance in body, in mind, and in life, actualized through the metaphor of flying, the sense of freedom one gains from finding equilibrium. Oscillations was premiered in Stuttgart, Rotherbul Theatre.

Al Aseel, 2004
Aseel is collaboration between Suraya Hilal and Alessandro Bascioni. They work together moving the Baladi form into modernity. The music combines traditional, rural forms with new influences and instrumentation. ‘Al Aseel’ or the ‘authentic moment’ is that inspired and spontaneous instant when the musicians and dancer unite, ignite and create the unexpected.

Press reviews

“She evokes so many moods and tempers.. a supremely gifted performer.”The Guardian

“Hilal’s versatility does not just depend on dance invention and physical discipline, it is also rooted in her authority as a performer. She can unite a packed Queen Elizabeth Hall in hushed concentration, then with a wave of the hand provoke a riotous clapping”The Independent

“In lively dialogue with their three musicians, who are positioned at the back of the stage, Hilal and Bascioni show subtle games of enticement, elegant double forms; supreme ease paired.”Rheinische Post

Permanent Staff
Artistic Director/Choreograper: Suraya Hilal
Tour Manager: Gonzalo Luque


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