Type of work
Hip-Hop Dance Theatre (Hip-hop, breaking)

Company policy
The company’s values move around the hip-hop culture elements (Breaking, Graffiti, DJing, MCing). These four elements are part of full-length Palette. The dance styles used are hip-hop/breaking and contemporary in a dance theatre combination.

Review extracts
“There’s so much more that goes into a performance than just the steps, and choreographer Nefeli Tsiouti has got a handle on that. Interesting lighting? Coherent look? Unusual live music? Check. In the latter case it’s live beatboxing, courtesy of Daniel Brill, who joins the five-strong Scope Dance Theatre on stage in Velocity. It’s the dance/music partnership that drives this piece of contemporary hip hop” Lucy Jarvis, Resolution!, 26 Jan 2012

Production highlights
Palette (2012)
Palette took its name from the palette which the painters use to colour a painting. The inspiration on this subject came from the different locations of origin of the dancers, which have as natural result the different ethnicities of each one (Australia, Cyprus, Jamaica, UK, Vietnam). Their diversity of geographical roots, and also their diversity in dance education and dance styles, meet up and conclude in something ‘common’.

Nefeli Tsiouti is currently a Visiting Lecturer at Middlesex University. She is choreographing a 3rd Year BA show for Arts Depot for the 17 May 2012

Solo re-battle (2011)
The piece is a sequel of Solo Battle. It shows the ways which helped the dancer/choreographer get back in track. It is a duet.

Solo battle (2011)
The piece explores the personal struggle of the choreographer and dancer after an accident she has had during her dance career and shows the obstacles she found to get back on her dancing feet. It is a solo piece.

Velocity (2010)
The piece is exploring the physics of movement combined with the physics of sound. It uses vocal percussion in the form of beatboxing as its soundtrack. The choreography is generated from the music, which was created with the idea of the bullet in mind; thus the two elements interact and form an organic and inseparable whole.

Elevation (2010)

Permanent staff
Choreographer: Nefeli Tsiouti (sMash)

Current dancers
Dang Hai Dao, Deann Frost, Jahmai Jones, Monica Nicolaides, Nefeli Tsiouti, Patrice Cotter

Size of company

Email: scopedancetheatre@gmail.com
Tel: 07547644198

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