Produce, perform and educate through hip hop, contemporary dance, music, theatre and film.

Robert Hylton is a choreographer, performer and teacher, touring nationally and internationally since 1999 with performance, education and film work. He produces work that is continually evolving, thought-provoking and intelligent. Exploring pure dance and storytelling through narrative themes and musical expression.

Robert Hylton promotes dance as an enriching and vital human experience, encouraging diversity and cultural experience for all, through excellence, entertainment and educational opportunity.


Move Solo explores the bodily experience of a popping practitioner’s improvisational practice through the ambiguous nature of the body, by way of exploring the dancing body through the rhythmic patterning of the voice, individual choice and the body as an ever evolving source of movement possibilities and patterns.
Performed by Paris Crossley, Move is adapted from the short screendance film of the same name. (10 mins, 1 on stage, 3 on the road).

Solo a dance solo performed by Robert Hylton. The work is based on the fusion between contemporary dance and popping, and a somatic approach to both forms. Different musical genres are explored on each performance allowing new senses and physical investigation of the forms to manifest through improvisation and musicality to create a modern and intriguing dance experience.
Music: Various sound design by Robert Hylton (15 mins, 1 on stage, 2 on the road)

Past Robert Hylton works are available on request

Review extracts

“Excellent choreography, with a harmony that shows professionalism and attention to perfection.” LA Tribune, Algiers

“Hylton has an intriguing talent- breaking down movement into component parts, then remixing and rebuilding them with as much articulation, clarity and wit as possible” Donald Hutera, Dance Europe

“The meeting of two dance cultures, with each successfully crossing the other’s boundaries” The Jakarta Post

“Hylton’s live dances are allusive abstractions concocted with a sly wit, a far cry from popular commercial notions of hip hop.” Donald Hutera

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Artistic Director: Robert Hylton

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