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  • Songs from A Hotel Bedroom. Photo: Steve Thompson

    Kate Flatt

    Introduction Kate Flatt Projects is the umbrella for a range of work by Choreographer and Movement Director Kat… Continue Reading

  • Lost Dog & Lucy Kirkwood, Like Rabbits. Photo: Benedict Johnson

    Lost Dog

    Introduction Lost Dog formed in 2004 with the aim of creating work that is both theatre and dance. The company … Continue Reading

  • New Art Club

    Type of workComedy Dance Theatre for theatres and comedy venues. A unique blend of stand-up and dance. Company… Continue Reading

  • Protein Dance 'LOL' Photo: CM Lema

    Protein Dance

    Greenwich SE10

    Introduction Artistic Director Luca Silvestrini uses a blend of choreography, text, humour and music, connectin… Continue Reading

  • Random Transformations Dance Company

    Type of work Dance theatre, physical theatre Company policy Random Transformations Dance Company (RTDC) is a da… Continue Reading

  • RhiannonFaith:dancingtheatre 'The Date'

    RhiannonFaith: dancingtheatre

    Tower Hamlets E3

    RhiannonFaith:dancingtheatre creates playful shows exposing the sweet, fragile and devastating aspects of adoles… Continue Reading

  • Seven Sisters Group 'Like a fish out of water' Photo: Chris Nash

    Seven Sisters Group

    Type of workSite-Specific Projects / Contemporary Dance / Performance Installations Company Policyseven sisters… Continue Reading

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