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  • Songs from A Hotel Bedroom. Photo: Steve Thompson

    Kate Flatt

    Introduction Kate Flatt Projects is the umbrella for a range of work by Choreographer and Movement Director Kate Flatt. Her work spans work for larger scale community participation and detailed, intimate dance t… Continue Reading

  • Lost Dog & Lucy Kirkwood, Like Rabbits. Photo: Benedict Johnson

    Lost Dog

    Introduction Lost Dog formed in 2004 with the aim of creating work that is both theatre and dance. The company work with text, live music and movement and blend these elements to create work in which dance is fr… Continue Reading

  • New Art Club

    Type of workComedy Dance Theatre for theatres and comedy venues. A unique blend of stand-up and dance. Company PolicyNew Art Club was formed in 2001 by Tom Roden and Pete Shenton and is fuelled by their shared … Continue Reading

  • Protein Dance 'LOL' Photo: CM Lema

    Protein Dance

    Greenwich SE10

    Introduction Artistic Director Luca Silvestrini uses a blend of choreography, text, humour and music, connecting theatrical experiences with real life stories, resulting in witty, entertaining and provocative sh… Continue Reading

  • Random Transformations Dance Company

    Type of work Dance theatre, physical theatre Company policy Random Transformations Dance Company (RTDC) is a dance-theatre company founded in 2001 by independent contemporary choreographer Ebru Aydar in Madison-… Continue Reading

  • RhiannonFaith:dancingtheatre 'The Date'

    RhiannonFaith: dancingtheatre

    Tower Hamlets E3

    RhiannonFaith:dancingtheatre creates playful shows exposing the sweet, fragile and devastating aspects of adolescence. Working from the personal and autobiographical, raw narratives unfold to indie rock music, pu… Continue Reading

  • Seven Sisters Group 'Like a fish out of water' Photo: Chris Nash

    Seven Sisters Group

    Type of workSite-Specific Projects / Contemporary Dance / Performance Installations Company Policyseven sisters group focuses on communicating contemporary issues through new and idiosyncratic works that defy la… Continue Reading

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