Jasmine Simhalan

Type of work
South Asian Contemporary Dance

Company Policy
To produce extremely skilled and conceptually enthralling work in the field of dance combining with other established art forms like Live Video and Music of traditional sounds.The company combines martial arts techniques with contemporary and Asian dance.

Review Extracts
“the video sequence Jasmine Simhalan chose for the opening of Chathi (Betrayal) promised all the action and adventure of the south Indian legend it depicted. Its balletic potential was enhanced by the strategic use of slow motion in swordfights. Sure enough Simhalan drew upon these scenes in her solo piece, rising above their borrowed origins to give a new sense of drama to the proceedings. Chathi had enough of a sense of grace as it told its tale for the viewer to care.” Ben Felsenburg

Current productions

International work
Forthcoming performance of CHATHI at Nova Cinema, Brussels

Permanent Staff
Jasmine Simhalan (choreographer/artistic director/one of the performers)
Jamshid Ahamed (administrator/publicity/video and design)

Size of company
Small scale

Contact Details
21b Howard Road
London SE25 5BU
Telephone: 020 8656 2107
Mobile: 07951 720 126
Email: info@jasminesimhalan.plus.com


Jasmine Simhalan Company dance classes

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